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Late payment fees will vary by your loan type and state. If you’ve borrowed a prime loan, it’s critical that you make your payments on time since these will be reported to all three credit bureaus.

How much will it cost you to borrow from GreenTrustLoans?

You can apply for a loan from $100 to $5,000. Your APR will depend on how often your payments are scheduled and the duration of the loan as well as your current financial situation. The loan contract you receive lists all applicable charges so be sure to review these carefully before you sign.

If you think you’ll be unable to pay your loan on time, avoid taking it out in the first place. A late or missed payment will result in additional fees.

You can request a loan on your own time, day or night. GreenTrustLoans welcomes people with all credit scores. You can review the payday loan offer presented without any fees or obligations

Please borrow responsibly and only if you will be able to pay the money back. Before agreeing to a loan, please make sure you can make your loan payments in full and on time. We support the responsible use of loans and recognize that nobody knows your situation better than you.

Why that payday lenders charge more interest than they state in their fees?

When you apply for a payday loan, you’ll typically see the amount you want to borrow and the amount you need to repay — which could be anywhere from $10 to $30 for every $100 you borrow. So the lender may advertise that their fees are around 15% to 30%.

The lender is also required to clearly display the loan’s APR online so that you’re able to compare it to other types of credit that have repayment terms of a year or longer. Because payday loans come with such short repayment terms — usually between two weeks and a month — it can bring the APR up quite a bit.

For example, if you take out a loan of $100, pay a $15 fee and your repayment terms are two weeks, that results in an APR of around 390%.

What are the benefits of GreenTrustLoans

  • Repay your loan in multiple installments. Unlike a payday loan, installment loans are repaid over multiple payments based on when you get paid, giving you more time to pay off what you owe.
  • No prepayment penalty. If you’re able to pay off your loan early, GreenTrustLoans won’t charge a prepayment penalty. This option saves you money on unnecessary interest and financing fees, which means you’ll pay less in the long run.
  • Bad credit is OK. GreenTrustLoans understands that we don’t all have the best credit. Its installment loans are designed to help you access financing based on your ability to pay it back — not your credit history.
  • First loans of up to $1,000. First-time borrowers can borrow from $100 to $1,000. Once you’ve successfully repaid your first loan, you can then borrow up to $5,000.
  • Fast turnaround for short term loans. Loans can be approved within few minute or a day, depending on the lender. With a no Payday loan, your credit history isn’t a problem.

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